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Engineering series 3: Bibracte


During the summer of 2016, I made an extensive bike tour through the Morvan massif in east-central France.

Beside the picturesque and solitude landscape, this region has a noteworthy history with scores of archaeological sites and museum exhibitions.

It gravitates for the most part around the ancient town of Bibracte, which had been an important village during the Roman occupation of Gaul (50 B. C.) but was abandoned in favor of the nearby Augustodonum (Autun) after a few decades.

I want to illustrate ancient metallurgy, civil engineering …

Engineering series 2: The Concorde


In the second part this engineering series we will take a closer look at the supersonic passenger airliner Concorde, which was developed in the mid-20th century in France and Great Britain with much public attention.

For me it seems that this impressive example of modern engineering work sinks more and more into oblivion, not least since the trend for airline passenger transports drifted towards huge and comparatively slow jumbo-jets in the last three decades.

“Let’s visit Airbus”

Three years ago I visited the south of France, including …

The GR20 on Corsica: Hiking the southern part

Corsica, August 2018


Socializing during a hiking trip is great, especially when you hike on an exceptional and challenging trail like the GR20 (Grande Randonée 20) on Corsica/France.

And where else do you have the opportunity to take photos with high altitude mountains and the Mediterranean sea on it?

The GR20 is still not the most popular destination for the average adventure-seeking tourist, which is indeed remarkable since we are living in an era where almost every location with a name is besieged by scores of …