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Engineering series 5: Rhine-Main-Danube Canal


Apart from hiking, cycling is one of my favorite activities during weekends or short vacations.

Bike tours alongside the Rhine-Main-Danube Canal between Nuremberg (German: Nürnberg, Middle Franconia) and Bamberg (Upper Franconia) belong to my personal subset of uncomplicated and convenient tours which do not demand much of a preparation.

There are virtually no climbs, and the track is more or less on my doorstep. For the seventy kilometers from Nürnberg to the city center of Bamberg, I need about three and a half hours with my mountain bike.

Engineering series 4: Ouvrage Hackenberg


In spring 2017 I spent my holidays in Northern France for both improving my French skills and for deepening my cultural and historical knowledge.

History is a subject I’ve been interested in my whole life, so I was glad to have the opportunity to visit several former war zones in Lorraine and Alsace (Elsass-Lothringen1 ) near the borders to Germany and Luxembourg.

1 German and French names of places, sights, cities etc. will be rendered in italics in this article

The entire border …

Engineering series 3: Canal du Midi


This article is a short abstract about a once groundbreaking civil engineering work, which however became wholly obsolete in the 20th century: Le canal du Midi in South France.

I took a short glimpse at parts of this construction, which essential elements were built at the end of the 17th century, during a few days trip to Narbonne and a stay in Toulouse, where the river Garonne is directly jointed with the canal.

Le canal du Midi (“The canal of the South