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The Low Tatras main ridge (part 2)

Nízke Tatry (Low Tatras) – Ďumbierske Tatry

Part 1 (hiking from Telgárt to Chopok, Kráľovohoľské Tatry) is available here.

This spring I was able to finish the Low Tatras main ridge tour, namely the part between the small town of Donovaly and Chopok, a mountain boasting a height of 2024 meters (hence making it the third highest peak in the Low Tatras mountain range).

The section between Donovaly… read more

Visiting Poland: Kraków, Warszawa, Poznań, Szczecin, Wrocław

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Cities and places
    1. Kraków (Krakau)
    2. Warszawa (Warschau)
    3. Poznań (Posen)
    4. Szczecin (Stettin)
  3. Genealogy
  4. Epilogue

1. Introduction

My mother’s parents are from small towns near Wrocław, a city in Lower Silesia that belongs to Poland since 1945.

My grandparents met in the mid-1930s as my grandfather was working as a butcher in and around Breslau1 (which was the German name of Wrocław) and my grandmother was occupied … read more

Winter hike on the GR20

A solitary outdoor tour in a rough higher altitude environment can be a liberating and meditative experience.

It is a calculated risk though, so it goes without saying that tours in wintry conditions in remote mountain areas demand a great deal of careful preparation.

There will no one be around when things don’t go as planned, and naturally you lack the often very needed morale support from your fellow … read more