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The Mastery Curve


For apparent reasons, I have a great deal of time on my hands at the moment that I try to use pragmatically: improving my physique, reading books, learning a new language or an instrument from scratch.

Learning to play guitar was one project I pursued for some time in my early 20s, but I abandoned this hobby in favor of other activities and eventually for the time-consuming endeavour gaining an engineering degree.

So my electric and acoustic guitar were eking out a rather miserable existence in my basement for …

Seeking out adventures in an era of comfort and pandemics (part 2): Trentino


With the second wave of the pandemic arising, traveling gets more and more restricted again.

So I was considering my options for the remaining days of vacation in this year: the immanent problem of how to keep my brain active and my comfort level low, but being at the same time responsible about the health of my fellow men (and not to forget my own).

For me, the trappings of comfort are indeed a big problem.

I am presently drifting back in full homeoffice-mode with all its tempting conveniences, …

Inspiring figures of history: Jozef Gabčík

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Slovakia during the 2nd World War
  3. Operation Anthropoid
    1. Exiles
    2. Prelude
    3. Preparations
    4. Assassination
  4. Facing the death
  5. Epilogue
  6. References

1. Introduction

During the peak of the global pandemic a few months ago, a remote family member passed away quietly in a nursing home where she had been living in her last years. She was well over ninety, and due to the circumstances at that time only a very small group of people were allowed to attend the funeral.

As our family suffered a great deal during the major …