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High Tatras, part 1 (Slavkovský štít, Veľká Svišťovka, Zelené pleso)


The first time after my sabbatical in spring, I returned to my second home Slovakia.

I was looking forward to a hiking adventure in the High Tatras mountain range, where the general visitor is allowed to ascend the prominent summits from late spring to autumn (unlike to e.g. the Low Tatras where visitors have access the entire year).

Before I went by train to Poprad-Tatry in the Prešov Region … read more

The sunk cost fallacy


A few weeks ago I arranged a short weekend trip to Austria to meet a good Slovak friend of mine.

As always during the summer-season, hotels are expensive.

Occasionally you get special offers with a little less price though, with the disadvantage of getting your credit card charged instantly and refunding of money is not possible.

Two days before the meeting with all the expenses paid, my friend told … read more



In the first half of 2019, I lived and studied four and a half months in a foreign city five hundred kilometers away from my hometown Nuremberg.1

Since I traveled via train to my ready-furnished apartment, there was no way to carry a large set of belongings.

So the last day before I left Germany, I hauled scores of crammed cardboard boxes into the cellar compartments – my … read more