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Exposure Therapy

Exploring fear and self-delusion

“But there is no reason to live and no limit to our miseries if we let our fears predominate”

– Seneca


What is your impression about the modern world? Is it an isolated and cold place to be?

Are modern technologies helping us to build more and better connections towards each other? Or is technology alienating us to an increasing extent from normal face-to-face communication with other human beings?

One sad fact is indeed: a considerable percentage of the 21st century western population suffers from …

How to maintain a 20s physique


The following article offers a further illustration of the power of habit and the Slight Edge principle, which I had already mentioned on previous occasions on this website.

Master the mundane

Like most members of the 21st century workforce, I spend the majority of my workday in front of a computer monitor (currently I’m a student, but there is no practical difference) and additionally several hours commuting to my workplace.

That’s what I have been doing since approximately ten years now.

Despite the lack of physical activities during these …

The Slight Edge and the Comfort zone


A couple of months ago I bumped coincidentally into a remote family member at a railway station during a cycling tour.

I hadn’t seen this person for several years, so I didn’t recognize him at once as I turned round, he gazed at me shortly (somewhat surprised), apologized, and hurried to his train without any further words exchanged.

Sure enough, I had no actual interest to talk to this person, and it didn’t make a difference at all if he recognized me. The reason: I ghosted this family member …