Hi, my name is Florian. I am currently living in Nuremberg, Germany and sporadically in Bratislava, Slovakia.

I graduated in mechanical engineering in 2010 and I’ve been working for various companies in the automotive industry for one decade by now.

I’ve started this (largely experimental) blog-project in January 2019 out of sheer curiosity, for the purpose of language learning (Slovak and English in particular, my native language is German) and for enhancing my writing skills.

But there was an underlying, broader intention as well: creating a personal blog and a platform for small stories with the main focus on personal development and social activities.

In the Background: Cardiff Castle

I visited Eastern and Western Europe quite a lot the recent years, and some of my travel-experiences you’ll find here deliver a kind of scaffold for the core areas of this blog-project.

However, this website should not be taken for an actual travel blog. The main focus will be in any case about Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Poland, i.e. countries where a West Slavic language is spoken.

In addition, I include certain topics about Engineering that blend in with traveling, have a noteworthy background-story or offer just practical value. Especially this brings the most fun to write about, but I might outsource that completely to my YouTube channel or another website at some point in the future.

This website has no commercial purpose, and I make no profit from it.

Sidenote: Due to the very nature of this blog-project, content is subjected to continual improvements in text and design

– May 24, 2021

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