Language Learning

VBA Vocabulary-Trainer
Basic vocabulary

English – Slovak (Part 1): Download
English – Slovak (Part 2): Download
English – Slovak (Part 3): Download
English – Slovak (Part 4): Download
English – Slovak (Part 9): Download

Deutsch – Slowakisch (Teil 1): Download

Specific vocabulary

English – Slovak (Part 5 – animals): Download
English – Slovak (Part 6 – countries): Download
English – Slovak (Part 7 – food): Download
English – Slovak (Part 8 – numbers): Download


created with the assistance of Martina Nichtová

  1. English – Slovak Exercise: Download
  2. English – Slovak Exercise: Download
  3. English – Slovak Exercise: Download
  4. English – Slovak Exercise: Download

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Hiking and Cycling

Packing list for hiking tours

My recommendations for equipment and clothing on short hiking tours (see also The Ten Essentials)

Maps and applications for hiking tours through e.g. the Low Tatras in Slovakia

For creating your own maps

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