Engineering series 6: Ouvrage Hackenberg


In spring 2017 I spent one week in Northern France for learning some French and to visit a couple of historical sites in Lorraine and Alsace (Elsass-Lothringen) near the border to Germany and Luxembourg.

The entire border area from the Atlantic ocean to Switzerland was one main theater for war operations during the 1st and the 2nd World War, and so many historical sites, monuments or remains of fortifications like the Maginot Line can be found and visited in these former war zones.…

Confirmation Bias

Exploring self-delusion

“Your mind will take the shape of what you frequently hold in thought, for the human spirit is colored by such impressions”

– Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, 5.16

“If one were to attempt to identify a single problematic aspect of human reasoning that deserves attention above all others, the confirmation bias would have to be among the candidates for consideration”



Have you ever asked why you see frequently cars of a specific model when you have plans to buy such a car?

You notice plenty of …

Engineering series 5: Bullshit-Jobs (essay)

Updated November 2019

Near Nuremberg, 2006

I am in the fourth semester of my engineering studies at the university in Nuremberg, and I work like so many of my fellow-students in several odd jobs to make ends meet.

One of those jobs is working on a nearby building site with three of my buddies during the weekends, for about fifteen Euros/hour.

The main tasks on this building site, which comprises basically several dilapidated buildings on a large estate, vary a little from day to day, but our main assignments are …

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