Exposure Therapy

Exploring fear and self-delusion

“But there is no reason to live and no limit to our miseries if we let our fears predominate”

– Seneca


What is your impression about the modern world? Is it an isolated and cold place to be?

Are modern technologies helping us to build more and better connections towards each other? Or is technology alienating us to an increasing extent from normal face-to-face communication with other human beings?

One sad fact is indeed: a considerable percentage of the 21st century western population suffers from …

Engineering series 4: Ouvrage Hackenberg


In spring 2017 I spent one week in Northern France for learning French and for visiting historical sites in Lorraine and Alsace (Elsass-Lothringen) near the border to Germany and Luxembourg.

The entire border area from the Atlantic ocean to Switzerland was one (or the) main theater for war operations during the 1st and the 2nd World War, and so a lot of monuments or remains of fortifications like the Maginot Line can be found and visited in those former war zones.