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Sentier cathare and Montségur

Traveling in France

If you have followed this blog-project for a while you might think me as one experienced, solid and well-traveled guy who has probably scores of travel stories in mind (all worth writing about, of course).

This would really be a cool thing, but I have to admit that this is unfortunately not exactly the case – I never traveled that much in my life, and I visited France (one of my favorite destinations by now and the immediate neighbor of Germany, after all) for the first time …

Comfort zone crusher: Col du Tourmalet

Table of contents

  1. Prologue
  2. The Pyrenees
  3. Col du Tourmalet
  4. Hunt for the summit
  5. Epilogue


How to deal with a broken pedal in high altitude mountains

I am on around 1300 meters altitude and the snow is glittering in the early afternoon sun.

It is the beginning of December, but I am wearing a simple cotton T-shirt while standing at the roadside ditch, my hands on the handlebar of my MTB.

As I was climbing up this mountain half an hour ago, a jeep was passing me by, and the …

Engineering series 6: Ouvrage Hackenberg


In spring 2017 I spent one week in Northern France for learning some French and to visit a couple of historical sites in Lorraine and Alsace (Elsass-Lothringen) near the border to Germany and Luxembourg.

The entire border area from the Atlantic ocean to Switzerland was one main theater for war operations during the 1st and the 2nd World War, and so many historical sites, monuments or remains of fortifications like the Maginot Line can be found and visited in these former war zones.…