The Slight Edge and the Comfort zone


A couple of months ago I bumped coincidentally into a remote family member at a railway station during a cycling tour.

I hadn’t seen this person for several years, so I didn’t recognize him at once as I turned round, he gazed at me shortly (somewhat surprised), apologized, and hurried to his train without any further words exchanged.

Sure enough, I had no actual interest to talk to this person, and it didn’t make a difference at all if he recognized me. The reason: I ghosted this family member …

The GR20 on Corsica: Hiking the southern part


Socializing during a hiking trip is great, especially when you hike on an exceptional and challenging trail like the GR20 (Grande Randonée 20) on Corsica, France.

And where else do you have the opportunity to take photos with high altitude mountains and the Mediterranean sea on it?

Word of mouth about the beauty of the unique nature still hasn’t spread yet it seems, access to the island is comparatively difficult, the GR20 has the reputation being the hardest hiking trail in Europe, and so you find …

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