Ascent to Nosi (Hardangervidda nasjonalpark)


Hiking tour from Lofthus (100 meters AMSL) to Nosi (1016 meters AMSL) and beyond across the Vidda.

Nosi is an elevation in the Hardangervidda nasjonalpark (national park) in South Norway.

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The actual hiking season starts in July in this part of Norway, so in May many footpaths are impassable or untraceable due to (melting) snow, and summer bridges had not been mounted yet.… read more

Visiting Poland: Kraków, Warszawa, Poznań, Szczecin, Wrocław

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Cities and places
    1. Kraków (Krakau)
    2. Warszawa (Warschau)
    3. Poznań (Posen)
    4. Szczecin (Stettin)
  3. Genealogy
  4. Epilogue

1. Introduction

My mother’s parents are from small towns near Wrocław, a city in Lower Silesia that belongs to Poland since 1945.

My grandparents met in the mid-1930s as my grandfather was working as a butcher in and around Breslau1 (which was the German name of Wrocław) and my grandmother was occupied … read more

Ascent to Kościelec (High Tatras)


Hiking tour from Kuźnice (1011 meters AMSL) to Kościelec (2155 meters AMSL) via Schronisko Murowaniec (1500 meters AMSL).

Kościelec is a mountain in the Polish part of the High Tatras mountain range.




It’s a technical ascent especially on the last meters, so Crampons and an Ice Axe are mandatory equipment items in wintry conditions (checking the avalanche reports beforehand should be a matter of course).

I … read more