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Adventures and discoveries outside of Germany

The Günther-Messner-Steig in South Tyrol


Günther Messner was a twenty-four year old mountaineer from Villnöß, South Tyrol (Südtirol), who perished in the Himalaya mountain range more than five decades ago.

He was a younger brother of Reinhold Messner, who was directly involved in the horrible events that led to his brother’s disappearance at the merciless Nanga Parba mountain in June 1970.

In the 2000s, some human remains that belonged to Günther Messner … read more

Západné Tatry (Žiarska chata, Baníkov)


The Západné Tatry (Western Tatras) mountain range in Slovakia has slipped my attention as a destination for hiking and mountaineering tours until quite recently.

The uninitiated not only tends to confuse the western part of the High Tatras (where the famous peaks Kriváň and Rysy are located) with this mountain range, but also it gets vastly overshadowed by the popularity of its eastern counterpart.

It took me some time … read more