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Small hiking and mountaineering tours in Europe

High Tatras, part 2 (Východná Vysoká, Obrovský vodopád)


The following text is the direct continuation of part 1 of my High Tatras series.

High Tatras

I hiked in the central part of the High Tatras still and departed from the train station in Poprad-Tatry early in the morning by using the inexpensive meter-gauge railway connection (Tatranské Elektrické Železnice, TEŽ).

Východná Vysoká, August 15

Ascending Východná Vysoká (not to be confused with Vysoká3 which is a … read more

High Tatras, part 1 (Slavkovský štít, Veľká Svišťovka, Zelené pleso)


The first time after my sabbatical in spring, I returned to my second home Slovakia.

I was looking forward to a hiking adventure in the High Tatras mountain range, where the general visitor is allowed to ascend the prominent summits from late spring to autumn (unlike to e.g. the Low Tatras where visitors have access the entire year).

Before I went by train to Poprad in the Prešov Region … read more

Summer weekend in South Bohemia: Třeboň, České Budějovice


South Bohemia (Jihočeský kraj) with its capital České Budějovice (Budweis) is one of 14 regions in the Czech Republic (aka Czechia).

Located in the very south of the Czech Republic with immediate borders to Germany and Austria (we traveled via Linz to Budweis), this rather secluded region with its picturesque landscapes is perfect for long romantic walks or for extensive cycling or biking tours.

But … read more