Engineering series 3: Canal du Midi


This article is a short abstract about a once groundbreaking civil engineering work, which however became wholly obsolete in the 20th century: Le canal du Midi in South France.

I took a short glimpse at parts of this construction, which essential elements were built at the end of the 17th century, during a few days trip to Narbonne and a stay in Toulouse, where the river Garonne is directly jointed with the canal.

Le canal du Midi (“The canal of the South

Language as a means to manipulation – Exploring “The Red Queen”


Since my late university years I am highly interested in languages, English and Polish in particular (and French at times).

The reason was on the one hand the wish for a contrast program for the pure technical subject-matters I was dealing with since several years.

On the other hand there was the general desire to get better with my overall conversation skills.

Polish has also some emotional significance because of my family roots. I studied Polish in my last engineering semester as an elective subject, and I got the …

How to maintain a 20s physique


The following article offers a further illustration of the power of habit and the Slight Edge principle, which I had already mentioned on previous occasions on this website.

Master the mundane

Like most members of the 21st century workforce, I spend the majority of my workday in front of a computer monitor (currently I’m a student, but there is no practical difference) and additionally several hours commuting to my workplace.

That’s what I have been doing since approximately ten years now.

Despite the lack of physical activities during these …