Back in Slovakia (part 2): High Tatras, Bratislava, Poprad

Slovakia, August 2019

Here you can find part 1 (Ascent to Slavkovský štít and Veľká Svišťovka).

High Tatras

I hiked in the central part of the High Tatras still and departed from the train station in Poprad early in the morning by using the inexpensive meter-gauge railway connection (Tatranské Elektrické Železnice).

Východná Vysoká, August 15

Ascending Východná Vysoká (not to be confused with Vysoká which is also a mountain in the High Tatras) was by far the most demanding tour during my week in the …

Back in Slovakia (part 1): High Tatras, Bratislava, Poprad

Slovakia, August 2019

After my four months vacation in spring, I came back to Slovakia with a hiking schedule for the High Tatras in my backpack.

Before I went via train to Poprad in the Prešov Region (north-eastern Slovakia) where I was going to stay for one week, I spent one day in my favorite city, the capital Bratislava (the travel plan was Nuremberg-Budapest-Bratislava-Poprad).

Poprad, August 12

The city Poprad-Tatry in the Prešovský kraj suggests itself more or less as a base for hiking tours through the High …

Engineering series 7: Rhine-Main-Danube Canal


Aside from hiking, biking is one of my favorite activities during weekends or short vacations.

Bike tours alongside the Rhine-Main-Danube Canal between Nuremberg (Nürnberg) and Bamberg belong to my personal subset of uncomplicated and convenient tours which do not demand much of a preparation.

There are virtually no climbs, and the track is more or less on my doorstep. For the seventy kilometers from Nürnberg to the town center of Bamberg, I need about three and a half hours with my mountain bike.

Short overview

The Rhine-Main-Danube …